Dove Prophylaxis Paste

  • Color-coded grit and easy to read labels for convenient use
  • Rinses easily and completely, won’t discolor the teeth
  • Unique formulation of cleaning and polishing agents designed to deliver consistent, splatter-free performance
  • great tasting flavors, to satisfy everyone including kids
  • gluten-free
  • Individual cups to eliminate cross contamination
  • No discoloring
  • 200 individual cups and prophy ring
  • X-Coarse, Coarse Medium and Fine
  • Mint, Cherry, Bubble Gum and Assorted
Flavor X-Coarse Coarse Medium Fine
Assorted 74350 74450
Mint 74250 74351 74451
Cherry 74352 74452
Bubble Gum 74453 74550
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